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Recommended Reading

What tools do I need for my makerspace? What is your layout like?

Come check it out on an Open House event! Information about when to visit and where we're located is on our calendar of events:

Some of THM's tools are listed here:

I Want To Start A School Makerspace

This is very different than the Dallas Makerspace, so we don't really have any tips on running a school makerspace. Our focus mostly non-academic, adult education. At Dallas Makerspace, minors (15 and under) must be accompanied by Parent or legal guardian at all times.

Some school makerspace specific resources:

How much does it cost to run a makerspace?

I Want To Start A For-Profit Makerspace

We really don't have any tips on this either. It's a very different path than the one we've taken. Having the investment/funding out of the gate would be one of the main advantages of a for-profit makerspace.

Most hackerspaces/makerspaces are not-for-profits. Makerspaces are an example of not-for-profits filling a niche that doesn't make "business sense" for a for-profit. We're only successful because of low recurring membership dues and tens of thousands of volunteer hours put into creating and maintaining our space. As of Sept. 2014, we still don't have an employee. Relying only on volunteers has advantages and disadvantages.

The most notable for-profit makerspace is Techshop. That's probably who you should be asking?

I want to know about the "Maker" Demographic