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Recommended Reading[edit]

What tools do I need for my makerspace? What is your layout like?[edit]

Come check it out on an Open House event! Information about when to visit and where we're located is on our calendar of events:

Some of THM's tools are listed here:

I Want To Start A School Makerspace[edit]

This is very different than The Humble Makers, but we would love to talk to you about running a school makerspace. Contact us through our website: *

Some school makerspace specific resources:

I Want To Start A For-Profit Makerspace[edit]

We really don't have any tips on this. It's a very different path than the one we've taken. Having the investment/funding out of the gate would be one of the main advantages of a for-profit makerspace.

Most hackerspaces/makerspaces are non-profit organizations. Makerspaces are an example of non-profits filling a niche that doesn't make "business sense" for a for-profit. We're only successful because of low recurring membership dues and volunteer hours put into creating and maintaining our space.

I want to know about the "Maker" Demographic[edit]