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Important Contacts[edit]

The Humble Makers Ethos[edit]

  • Do-ocracy
    • The Humble Makers makerspace is an organizational structure in which individuals choose roles and tasks for themselves and execute them. Responsibilities attach to people who do the work, rather than elected or selected officials.
  • Be excellent to one another
    • Foster an environment that will help others grow and learn about the fantastic projects originating from the makerspace community in Humble, Houston, and beyond.
  • Safety
    • Maintain a safe working environment for yourself and other members. If you are unsure of a particular tool, machine, or device contact a Committee or Board member.


  • Classes
    • Electronics, Woodwork, Metalwork, Blacksmith, Photography, Creative Arts, Radio Control, Computers, Gaming, Robotics just to name a few. The Humble Makers makerspace has a wide array of DIY interests to explore. Be sure to check the Events Calendar. Some classes have nominal fees; these are identified on the calendar.
    • To review previous months' class offerings, time requirements, and (previous) class costs, choose "Calendar View" at the top of the Event Calendar
    • Who can teach classes? Anyone! Check out the Teach page on our main website. See the wiki for more on the process: Class Making Process
  • Member Projects
    • Members are constantly working on new ideas and may need your help.
  • Tool Certifications
    • Tools which require training will have a STOP sign above them. The 3d printers, laser cutters, table saws, and CNC router are examples of tools requiring "certification". Some of these classes have mandatory fees for the certification class.
    • Keep in mind, the tool certification classes are taught by volunteers. If one is not already on the Events Calendar check the committee's activity on the Talk page and if there is no indication of an upcoming course, create a new thread with your request. This helps to promote the class and is an effective way to call the attention of the people qualified to teach.
    • If you do not know how to use a tool or machinery contact a member of the specific committee.
    • Becoming an expert on a tool and teaching other members is one of the best ways you can help The Humble Makers.


  • Open House Events
    • Learn and share your projects with The Humble Makers makerspace. The Open House public events are a great time to meet other Makers and get a tour of the 'space.
  • Wiki
    • A great resource to learn about projects, tools, equipment and events. Contribute a profile to the Members page. Help contribute to the wiki to improve it.
  • Forums
    • Discuss with other members about specific areas of interest within The Humble Makers makerspace. The Forums are great for project ideas, notes, and discussion.


  • Volunteer
    • Help to make The Humble Makers makerspace a better environment for its members. Organization, cleaning, installing, and repairing are needed from time to time; Committees will frequently need assistance on their projects.
  • Committees
    • Join a Committee of interest or need. Be part of the decision making process to improve a specific area within the The Humble Makers makerspace. Committees include Warehouse, Electronics, Photography, Security, Public Relations, Classroom to name a few.
    • An explanation of committees can be found at the top of this page:
  • Board
    • Be part of the Board of Directors to contribute to the decision making process as a whole and help lead The Humble Makers makerspace community.


Voting is typically used in two scenarios:

  • Votes on agenda items presented at Regular Member Meetings
  • Votes on items falling outside the scope of a single member meeting.

Brief Explanation of voting rights:

  • THM has two types of memberships, "Supporting Members" and "Regular Members"
  • You become a "Supporting Member" when you first join THM
  • After 90 contiguous days of membership you are eligible to become a "Regular Member"
  • Request changes to voting rights via email to
  • Only a "Regular Member" may vote
  • If you become a "Regular Member", you add to the number of voting members required to reach quorum (1/3 of voting members). This means it is especially important for regular members to attend meetings. If you find yourself unable to attend the meetings, please switch back to being a "Supporting Member" (even if only temporarily) or assign your vote by proxy to a member you know will be attending.


  1. The Humble Makers makerspace is not primarily a storage facility; projects and materials that do not follow these rules will be considered donations.
  2. Projects (and materials for them) can only be stored in designated Project Storage Areas.
  3. Projects (and materials for them) stored in the Project Storage Areas must follow the rules and policies created by the Logistics Committee. Details are in the Project Storage section of the wiki.
  4. Projects can be stored in committee controlled areas, as long as they follow the committee's guidelines.
  5. A project may be stored elsewhere with the approval of a member of the Board or by a vote of the membership.
  6. Projects stored in committee areas or other places outside of the designated Project Storage Areas must follow these additional rules:
    1. Projects must be labeled, and include the names of the members working on the project.
    2. Projects should be presented as active.
    3. Projects are urged to create a page on the wiki and place it in the Projects category.
  7. Individual storage areas will be available for members:
    • Each storage area is approximately 24"L x 18"W x 12"H.
    • The appropriate storage box is a 10 gallon tote box, or plastic tub.
    • The individual storage area is located on the shelving under the staircase.
  8. Firearms, gunpowder, primers, and assembled ammunition can not be stored at THM.


We only have so much usable space, so please don't just bring stuff up and leave it sitting on a table/the floor. Please contact the committee you think could use your item BEFORE bringing it to the space.

We also have a "freebie shelf", where you can drop off things that other people might be able to use. If the shelf is full, please don't pile things in front of it or leave them elsewhere in the space. Do NOT leave CRT monitors, paint, or anything that can't be thrown away legally on the free shelf. The dumpster is not that far away, please place items accordingly.

For more information, please see the Donation Section of our Rules.

New Member Signup[edit]